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Welcome to the new world where everything looks easier and stress less.

The invention of technology has steered the generality to be more direct, decisive and equipped.
Gone are the days when students struggle to grasp anything in class and teachers lick their sweats to evaluate them. Technology and computer age have made everyone proud of being a student. Young adults are relishing studentship through the proper usage of mobile and computer useful technological apps while the aged are also savoring the sweet feeling these helpful apps have brought to their shallow formal education surge.
There is always an app for anything today. It had made student life easier, cheaper, safer and more interesting.
In the same vein, students might still get confused about choosing the actual apps needed in their educational adventure considering the tons of apps we have out there.
The following apps are the five most helpful apps for you which will hone and enhance your student life positively:

1- Wake-up Apps

The first predicament of every student is the inability to wake up as and when due most especially fresher who are new to the independent lifestyle.
Apps like Alarmy, sleep if you can hurt and haunt your sleep. Sleep Cycle will wake you up that pleasurable moment you are enjoying your sleep the most and you know what that means; that’s the time you need to get up.
When you are preparing for an exam and decided to read overnight but in the third quarter of the night, you became stressed out and decided to take a nap. Without the wake-up apps, you might still be pedaling the bicycle of your sleep while others are in the examination hall.

2- Lecture Capture Apps

o avoid scribbling and writing hastily on jotters or notepads, you need the lecture capture apps. This gives one the room to record and listen later to lecture units without missing a bit of vital information.
Apps like Soundnote, Noteplus, the Voice Recorder can perfectly perform this operation.

3- Video Call Apps

The fact that higher or university education is interaction-based necessitates the urgent need for video call apps. IMO, Skype, Facetime allows you to talk to your parents and distant relatives, communicate visually with your tutors and course mates to share helpful information.

4- Revision Apps

Revision apps have come to make revision fun. Study blue helps you to create a selection of flashcards and test yourself.
Exam Countdown will even help you accrue more time, dignity and respect to your exam by reminding you every day.

5- Exam Preparation Apps

Exam preparation apps are the most vital and the most considerably useful apps. Moreover, “school is sweet it’s exams that do sour it”. These apps will help you prepare for exams well. They are selective, discipline-based and are mostly in aptitude test format. They are also useful for promotional and entrance exams. They often consist of past questions, specimen questions, and random reasonable questions.
ICY Exam Prep is useful for business students.

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