Habeebullah Adua

Habeebullah Adua

Habeebullah Adua is a MEPF services engineer specializing in building services design and installation. I have a strong background in renewables, Nanotechnology, and Home Automation experience. My objective is to reach up to local circles at the International stage. I’m currently doing my MSc. at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA.

Yusuf Adua

Yusuf Adua is a creative writer specializing in marketing emails, product listing, real estate content, market statistics, and content development. I am a traffic-generating human machine with over four years of experience in the real estate sector. I understand that consumers need detailed information on where they want to put their bucks which I can offer you by supplying them without stress.
I will represent you well online and wield power to develop a personal connection with your online customers.