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Yusuf Adua

Yusuf Adua is an investigative journalist, technical writer and podcaster


Not everyone will unwrap the new year with a housewarming party but 47.06% of people would want to relocate either for the sake of price or choice.   Strictly speaking, every potential tenant needs to strategically consider when to rent…

The Power of Women

the power of women

In the view of many, women have been primarily undermined in the language habit, social and political processes that define the totality of human experience in our society. Modern sexists have argued that there are unjust references and treatment of…

How to Stand-Out in the Competitive Job Market

Today's job market

Today’s job market competition has grown more intense than we used to know. In truth, unemployment is a global issue considering the ever-increasing population and limited opportunities available.  The invention of technology and multitasking has made job hunting more hauntings. However, one…

The African Time Syndrome

the Africa time

Don’t you know African time? It is a syndrome killing Africa, and everywhere it is practiced that we need to fight and defeat. Developing an overly relaxed attitude to time is prevalent in some parts of Africa and the Caribbean.…

What The Electorate Wants

What The Electorate Wants

From time immemorial, phrases like ‘the government has failed us again,’ ‘casting my vote won’t be justifiable in the long run,’ ‘no one deserves my vote’ is always on the lips of the majority of the electorate. The electorate does…