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Yusuf Adua

Yusuf Adua is an investigative journalist, technical writer and podcaster

Staging a Protest

Staging a Protest

A protest is a viable tool used in pressing for one’s claim, be it in the capital market, political arena, family ties, or any happenings in the polity. This instrument called protest has always succeeded in charging necessary authorities to…

The Most Entertaining


Scientists have revealed that sitting by the TV set watching football is equivalent to a moderate cardiovascular workout like a 90-minute brisk walk and can help lower blood pressure, especially after a team wins or boosts psychological mood. Similarly, Music…

How to kill the Global Rape Culture


From time immemorial, people have always witnessed or been victims of one form of sexual violence or the other. Some critics have been relatively blunt in their assessment, concluding that the government at various levels has failed to implement effective…

When will Godfatherism end in politics


Godfathers don’t vie for public office themselves, but many believe they are the ones who decide the election winners and losers. These are actors who supposedly pull strings behind the scene in the political world. They are political sponsors, who…

The Crabology in politics

Nigeria politics crabology

Crabs are fascinating creatures, but connecting them to politics will give birth to some fall-about. The crabs you know can live a balanced solitary life, but putting two or more crabs in a shallow basin, you don’t need any admonitory…

When Will Nigerian Messiah Arrive

Nigeria Messiah

The walkthrough for the dirty game of politics is yet to be made, so everyone plays politics in their best ways. Good governance, on the other hand, has a customary assessment level that could be used to critique political administrations…

Lifting Our Disables


The creator of men decided to make the entities called humans from the systemic assemblage of different body organs. People who are lucky to have all these body parts readily functional are called “the ables.” In contrast, we’ve named those who…

Conducting a Wowing Personality Interview

Distinguished persons in every society are semi-god. People want to talk to them, gain from them and explore the adventure of their success stories but getting access to them takes laborious and fruitless efforts which are even little compared to…

The Extremism in Feminism


Equality between men and women sounds honorable and humane but the actuality looks questionable. Religion, culture, and precedence have stood their ground to be a stumbling block for women to be treated the same way as men. These parameters directly…