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Yusuf Adua

Yusuf Adua is an investigative journalist, technical writer and podcaster

A Real Journalist, a Sane Community

real journalist

Everybody can talk because the ability to speak is a grace and not a skill, but not everybody can communicate. This is so because communication, whether oral (broadcast), written (print), or pictorial (photo), is a skill as opposed to nature.…

The Offsprings of Fake News

fake news

From time immemorial, we’ve always come across people who feed us white lies or entice us to believe the propaganda, tabloid news, and satirical reports. The media came into being and aided this no cause. This is because the media,…

The Best Way to Participate In Politics


Before now, people were neither ready nor saw any need to participate in public politics. However, Charges of careerism, the idolatry of power, egoism, and corruption that are oftentimes directed at persons in government, parliaments, the ruling classes, or political…

The Nexus to Power Drunkenness

nexus of power

It’s not today that I’ve been hearing this— “Power corrupts” and those who are pained by a perceived irregularity in the quarters of their constituted authorities would conclude by adding that “Absolute power corrupts absolutely“. An Individual’s behavior tends to…

How to Win his Heart

be loving

There’s nothing more deceitful obscure and entangling than love. Courtship has also made its mark as the weirdest mutual interaction that exists between living beings. This is because it’s hard to discern if truly your supposed spouse feels the same…

Corona Virus and the Burning Rhetorics

corona rhetorics

The pathway to productivity is performance. The inability to carry out daily tasks in a firm is an indication that the company may collapse soon. No CEO of any company could honk the horn of his firm alone without the…

Covid-19 and the Devil’s workshop


 “An idle hand is the devil’s workshop” how true is this saying? Coronavirus hasn’t only made everyone idle but bored.  Even before the outbreak of the unpalatable coronavirus, zillion of people weren’t just happy with one thing or the other…

Coronavirus, and its survivors

corona survivors

Before now, what we knew and thought could only eat up the world was war. It’s very unsafe and disheartening to recall how numerous lives were lost and how the ships of the extremely regarded world powers were capsized, most…