Electrical Building Services Engineer

While electrical engineering is concerned with devices and systems which use electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism, Electrical Building services engineer is concerned with how electricity is brought from the nearest substation or power pole to our homes and how the electricity is utilized. Electrical Building services engineer specializes in designing and developing electrical systems required for the safe and energy-sustaining operation of buildings.

An electrical building services engineer designs project visions by installing various services according to the building code. He must also assimilate new technologies in the building industry, especially in incorporating energy conservation devices and techniques.

The following are the categories of services performed by electrical building services engineers;

  • Electrical protection design; every electrical project must be prevented from the three related power issues; overcurrent, transient surge, and electrical user protection against shock.
  • Lighting services; electrical building services engineers designed luminance to maximize the visual of architecture while offering a quality lighted environment favorably to optical performance, comfort, and safety for the specific visual task involved.
  • Accessories and power services; which comprise lighting control and power connectors. Lighting controls are switches used to break and control electrical circuits. The power connectors are devices that connect electrical equipment to the power supply.
  • Cable sizing and selection; electrical cable sizes and lengths need to be accurately determined such that they are not too long to optimize the cost nor too small to limit the interval voltage drop. Also, electrical cable insulation types need to be specified to prevent current leakage and minimize losses.
  • Load estimation; electrical building services engineer, must pronounce the amperage load called the total connected load for every electrical project.
  • Voltage drop calculation; the electrical potential along any path decreases as current flows through it. Thus, electrical building services engineers often provide this report for every building project.
  • Feeding system services; simply means the distribution system, type of service run, and voltage.
  • Power factor correction; electrical building services engineer uses different techniques to increase the power factor of the power supply. This reduces the building’s total KVA, thereby saving money on the electric power bill.
  • The emergency system; includes the UPS, generators, etc.
  • Earthing system; electrical building services engineer connects all metal parts of an electrical power system to the earth.
  • The light current system; includes; surveillance System, public address system, access control system, MATV system, data system, intrusion system, fire alarm (protection) system, and telephone system.
  • Automation and building management system; recent and progressive development in the building industry exists in different varieties and types, using different kinds of protocols for operation.

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