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elite fire software

Designing a fire fighting system is the most critical aspect of Building services engineering because of its direct relation to life and property. The Fire-Fighting System is a technique deployed to prevent, extinguish, localize, or block fires in building projects by removing any of the three components. An example is the use of the sprinkler and hose system.

The sprinkler system is an automatic heat-based fire suppression system using a hydraulically designed piping network to different sprinkler head units that open when heated at a specific temperature, control valves, water flow alarm, and drains.

The system can be designed using The Pipe schedule method and the hydraulic calculation method. The hydraulic calculation method is based on the density level by using a mathematical analysis of pipes’ capacity. Elite Fire program has earned a reputation among professional engineers and designers being the most accessible software to simulate fire sprinklers and hose system with little or no error. The software also presents a user-friendly interface which can be divided into three sections:

1-     The menubar

2-     The toolbar

3-     The project explorer

Elite fire software data can also be divided into two:

The General project data includes the Project name, Project location, the client name, sprinkler specifications, hazard description, density requirements, hose stream allowances, and hydrant test data.

The Pipe data includes pipe length, nominal size, material type, and fitting quantities. Elite fire software also ensures that each pipe section to be defined for its beginning and ending node number.

The Elite fire software also has the following features that make building services professionals prefer it to other fire suppression software:

Elite Fire Software Compatibility and Flexibility

Elite fire software Program runs in 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems, making it possible to run on every system kind. The program also uses English or metric units as its standard.

The program is also user friendly, giving input checking at the time of entry so that no improper data can be entered or saved.

Elite Fire Software Calculation Methods

Elite fire software Performs hydraulic calculations based on NFPA standards in estimating the system sprinkler head requirements, flow rates, velocities, pressure drops, and calculating the pipe sizes. The software also automatically performs peaking analysis by analyzing each loop’s demand area and highlighting the most demanding areas of the system. This allows professionals to provide the appropriate concentration to the size of the system.

Elite fire software can also handle sprinkler systems with up to 1,000 or more sprinklers and pipes. The program also supports all types of pipe materials and automatically decides the applicable requirements for a project.

Elite Fire Software Result Outputs

Elite fire software presents project results clearly and lucidly to help the project designers, contractors, and other plan reviewers easily understand the project steps. The project result includes general project data, pipe and node input data, and node grouping flows, detailed pipe and sprinkler output, supply/demand graph, and a network summary. You can specify which reports are to be printed, and all information can be previewed on the screen.

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