How to kill the Global Rape Culture

From time immemorial, people have always witnessed or been victims of one form of sexual violence or the other. Some critics have been relatively blunt in their assessment, concluding that the government at various levels has failed to implement effective policies that treat sexual violence as a grievous crime, which has led to more and more perpetrators walking free and unbothered.  

Rape Culture

Our surveys have shown that rape has no specific gender-targeted; we’ve seen women attempting to rape men, men raping their fellow men, or any other ways involving forceful penetration. In our societies, several agents are to be blamed for rape, the government, community, religious organizations, family, and parents, to mention a few. An attempt to amortize blame solely on any of these agents is a no brainer.

This is the ways to go if we want to put a satisfactory and satisfying stop to the rape culture:

1- Hold the Government to Account 

Government to Account

 Successive governments, regardless of their regimes, highlight sexual violence-related crimes as one they want to eradicate and how they want to tackle them. One thing is to make a law; the other is to make the enforcement effective. Rapists across the world continue to live Samaritan lives after causing magnanimous havoc to their victims.

With the highest respect, we hear only a few rape cases associated with our leaders and their immediate relatives. The firsthand receiver of the woes of rape is always hopeless masses. So, we need to put pressure on the government through safe protests, social media, and letters to our senators and all constituted authorities to forget talk and act. Persistent pressure using all forms of the media will do a lot because leaders, especially democratically elected ones, always want to avoid brewing negative perceptions. They will dance to our admonitory tones.

2- Urgent Educational Intervention

Educational Intervention

Way back, we’ve always been told that education is the master key. The reality of life has shown us that the key is not necessarily the door of wealth but the gate of intelligence, emotion, and consciousness.

It is imperative to begin keen awareness to educate the youths of both genders the importance of engaging in sexual activities when the two parties involved are willing, able, and contended to do so. NGOs and civil organizations should also do their bit by organizing workshops writing books and other educational measures to make sure the world is informed and provided with risk-reduction procedures.

3- Self–Defense training

Self–Defense training

It is now time for everyone to guide and guard themselves in situations of vulnerability. Every county in the world has unsafe environments and miscreants who will always want to do the unthinkable. The first aid protection of sexual harassment in terms like this is to defend oneself physically. Resistant strategies can stop a rapist’s actions, whether forceful, non-forceful (such as the use of a rape alarm) or verbal altercation.

4- Speak Out 

Speak Out

The misconception of sexual violence or rape culture is the unruly stigmatization of the unfortunate victim. The bias nature of man that makes us blame the government for what they know little or nothing but is the same parasite that will make people condemn the victim and free the actor. There is a need to break this jinx, and even if no one cares to listen, we should care to speak.

The false perception that men cannot get raped that has silenced a lot of male victims should also be buried. All victims should do the extra task of reporting to relevant authorities and not allowing evil perpetrators to walk free.

5- Psychological Care

Psychological Care

This is just like a twin brother to speaking out. Picking oneself up is a painful experience that speaking to a psychologist can help soften. Although it sounds scary, hilarious, and irritating, a proven and sound psychologist will support the victim during the turbulent time. understands that several NGOs and civil societies have always spoken out against sexual violence and evils surrounding the damning rape culture. However, eradicating this quagmire requires more than politics, governance, and the sincerity of leaders, the goodwill of citizens, families, religious organizations, recreational facilities are also needed.


Since we cannot give room to perpetrators to get away with such nasty crimes, we should also block the deep potholes these evil maniacs abide with.

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