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How to Win his Heart

How to Win his Heart 

There’s nothing more deceitful obscure and entangling than love. Courtship has also made its mark as the weirdest mutual interaction that exists between living beings. This is because it’s hard to discern if truly your supposed spouse feels the same way you are feeling for him or her. Love affair ordinarily is like an egg; both parties hold what they share with fragility.

In recent times, we’ve been able to see that men have more shock absorber than women. If you follow the trend, you will reason with me that men hardly cry over spilled milk. How many guys on your Facebook friend list have demonstrated over their broken relationships?.

The goal of this piece is to sharpen the comfort pencil of every woman. This becomes eminently necessary because women are the dominant gene in every relationship. Also, women are the creatures with the weaker vessels and occasionally find it difficult to cope with accidents that befall their relationships.

  We are tired of unreturned love. And going through the statistics, the population of women is twice that of men. It is more likely and reasonable that women face stiff competition in keeping their better halves. Don’t forget that Samsung and Huawei are still in stiff competition in the mobile phone industry. But once a woman is able to cement her love into a man”s heart, the rest is history. This is how to go about it:

1- Be his friend 

 Every man appreciates sincere friendship, men need that hunch they can confide in and count on come rain, come sun. Adam-like creatures need that person who will always be there and will listen to their thoughts without judgment or condemnation. If you wanna win his heart, be his confidant.

Be his friend

Well, do not mother or smother him. Give him room to breathe. Admit when you’re wrong and be willing to forgive when he is. Perfection is in heaven.

2- Be loving

Babe, for you whose aim is to own your man, try to be affectionate. Make “I love you” your interpersonal anthem and don’t forget to tell him why you love him, why he means so much to you. Let him know even though it’s questionable that your life would be empty without him. Make him feel wanted and needed.

Be loving

3- Take him for who he is 

Owning your man looks pretty simple if you accept your hubby for who he is. Tell him often that you like him the way he is.

  More importantly, never compare him with your ex or other men, this will certainly make him feel like he doesn’t measure up or that he’s not good enough.

4- Compliment and encourage him

  The cognomen of every man is encouragement. They cherish it so dearly. He faces challenges or has a rough day at times, be his uplifter and encourager. You can write him a thoughtful note, he will surely ponder on it.

  Sincerely yours, for all these trials that he does face, you do need to compliment him to own him. Be alert to the things he does, large or small, that you appreciate and then compliment him. Build him up and make him feel special. When encouraging him, focus more on his strengths.

encourage him

5- Respect your man 

  This is a must_do for you as a woman if truly you’d like to own your hubby. Even though individuality might wanna take its toll on you, just convey to him that you respect him and hold him in high esteem.

  Girlie, this respect thing is two_faced. You need to also let him know you appreciate his wisdom in making a decision and desist from manipulating him or thinking what you might think is best. If you disagree with any of his decisions, disagree with caution, precision, and persuasion.

6- Spend a memorable time together 

  Never will the engineer of this post assent a distant relationship even though it’s becoming unavoidable these days. But all the same, make your man know you’ve enjoyed all the pleasurable times the two of you have had together. There’s no crime in verbally reminiscing with him or showing him the shots you took together not forgetting murmuring Into his ears how these moments have contributed to your happiness.

7- Share in his interests and spiritualities  

   Discuss what interests him often even the seemingly insignificant ones. Men’s hobbies, interests, and spiritualities are relatively grandiose. Try to determine which ones you would be able to explore with him. Some of them may not be a doddle, just be willing to participate with him. It will make him feel special.

Share in his interests

8- Really believe in him

  If you truly want your man to feel the same way you feel for him, you need to be a patriotic citizen in his heart country. That is, the way to win his heart is to magnanimously believe in him even when he’s having doubts over himself or people from the outside are castigating him. 

Men are a second away from a calamitous setback, failure or an unwise decision, let him know that you believe in him and trust the fact that he has the ability to make good decisions and stand firm.

  Don’t forget that no matter how goal-target you can be, your spouse has larger goals. Be willing to sacrifice and work hard to help him accomplish his goals and fulfill his dreams and do it with a positive, “never give up” attitude.

Girlie, it’s a wise decision to want your man all to yourself but if truly you want nothing but cement your love into your man’s heart, you have to be willing and able to be a citizen in his heart’s country. All men are the same but with these measures, you can mold a different hubby for yourself.

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