Political Corruption in the US, where we are and where we are going

The United States of America is battling political corruption. It is simple and straight.

Whether we like it or not, two things are very true: First, functional democracy is on show in the U.S. Second, the United States of America is battling political corruption. It is simple and straight.

As expected, this article is not to eulogize the democratic principles of the States but ruminate on how political corruption has eaten deep into the fabrics of the American political system.

Though corruption is a household menace that has devoured the nook and cranny of the world, one will expect America to be free from this structural hazard considering its enviable system. This guess is false. Corruption in the U.S. at present has grown to another level. 

In 2020, for instance, Transparency International examined 180 countries and ranked the United States as the 25th-least-corrupt country after ranking her 16th four years before. This report is too bleak and deteriorating for a world power to every concerned American or political observer.

Worse still, On Tuesday, January 25th, 2022, Transparency International broke hearts again with its annual Corruption Perception Index putting the USA 27th least corrupt country globally out of its usual 180 countries in focus. It is unsavory to understand why the U.S., which is supposed to be on the upward spiral, is going on the opposite.

The USA, alongside Chile, has the Corruption Perception Index of 67 out of 100. America does not even come close to some countries within the peak of the bunch.: Denmark, Finland, and New Zealand – all scored 88.

Meanwhile, 11% of forensic experts from Africa who reacted immediately to this report by Transparency International argued that America should not worry about the index. They did so because they felt that the top countries have shallow macroeconomic structures. Therefore, even if they are corrupt, the entire world should chastise them. On the contrary, this is a biased assumption. We are expected to be served with zero political corruption the same way we eulogize the American brand of governance.

Mediocrity is never an excuse. Countries with healthy democracies like Germany and the United Kingdom have 80 and 78 scores, respectively. The United States of America needs to go back to the drawing board and find ways to exterminate this ugly trend of political corruption in its domain.

Where America is at the moment, corruption-wise is no good place. How to get out of the shackles of this cankerworm is what every institution and political force in 50-state America should begin to work on.

A free and fair election is the cornerstone to measuring political corruption in any nation. Painfully, it is horrible to explain the persistent attacks on free and fair elections, leading to violence and assault on the prestigious capitol. The incident is inaction that would have warranted enormous propaganda if it had happened in developing countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Cuba just to cut the list there. 

Also, America always had an open, transparent campaign finance system before now. The idea has changed unimaginably in this present age. Campaign and campaign finances are now increasingly vague and inhumane. 

Additionally, it is no gainsaying that American politicians have been too hungry for power that this downward spiral started within the last five years. The power toxicity has made political actors forfeit the American virtues for power drunkenness.

This article does not go after a particular regime or which-hunt a specific American president. It highlights why every American needs to be conscious of this unpalatable development. 

Where are we going? The last election in the U.S. was marred with attempts to manipulate the election and the people’s minds. There were also reports that the 2016 election went in a similar trend. The open secret afterward is that the credibility of elections held in the U.S. is more debatable than ever before.

This ugly trend should not repeat itself in 2024. The reoccurrence of a controversial election will mar the good name the fathers, pioneers, opinion leaders, and reformers of the United States of America have arduously built over the years. 

Do you agree that what happens in the USA should concern everybody? How can the massive world power eradicate political corruption? Please get back to us in the comment section 

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