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Secrets To A Long Lasting Marriage

Secrets To A Long Lasting Marriage 

One thing is to fall in love, to court, to make love, or have a flashy expensive wedding, another thing is to have a long-lasting marriage that will be devoid of “pack and go”

There are two couples some meters away from my flat, The first couple in their mid-20s turned arguments and physical confrontation to their breakfast; the union didn’t last; they couldn’t go past the first anniversary. The second couple, not as affluent as the first and the last time I asked, their marriage was 15 years old.

After appropriate consultation and dialogue, I came to realize that we can have marriages that will exceed the active public service year. The bitter truth is that every lifelong and lasting marriage is built around these seven secrets. The ability to keep tabs and act in tandem with these seven secrets is the realization of a lasting marriage. On the other hand, the failure to preserve them could mean otherwise. SPARE ME THE REST.
The following are the secrets to a lasting marriage.

1- Sex

Arguably, there might be something that brings more sweetness or more important but for sure, there’s nothing more fun than sex in marriage. The feeling is always mutual and both the parties are liable to benefit from the exercise. This makes it more interesting.
Check lasting marriages, there is no such thing as “sex famine ”.

2- Commitment

Many people vow, “for better or worse.” And when the “for worse” part shows up they want to bail out. Yet, you only discover the “for better” part when you work through the “for worse” part.
Marriage is an expressway with multiple bumps, deep holes, and sharp corners. If you want a lasting marriage, prepare for the worse, and relish the better. There is always crossroads in marriage, the secret of a lasting marriage is commitment.

3- Faithfulness

Nothing destroys a marriage faster than unfaithfulness. Once trust is broken it can be nearly impossible to gain back. Better to remain faithful and continually build undoubted trust with your partner.
Today, the world has turned more generic in terms of gender. We now have the opposite sex as a colleague, apprentice, or boss. For you to have a lasting marriage, you must be confident of your spouse and build a fortress that will enable your spouse to have unchallenged confidence in you too.

4- Romance

This sounds strange, right? a lasting marriage must put this important secret in check.
Don’t forcefully lure your partner into sex or wildly command sexual arousal. Yes, as far as the human body is concerned, there is always a thirst for sexual satisfaction but don’t do it like that of goats and monkeys. Bring the sexual organ of your spouse to live passionately and your marriage will be lifelong and lasting with no contempt or rift.

5- Fight Fair

You’re going to clash. Just nature. So learn to fight in love. Attack the predicament and not each other. Always criticize issues and events and not one another.
As long as the nostrils quarrel, the tendency to disagree with your spouse in the marriage is more than likely. All you need do is to do it fairly and let sex see the deal through. Your marriage will always be evergreen.

6- Forgive

A human is prone to one or more misbehaviors every sixty minutes, So own it. Apologize and Fix the problem. The FF strategy is for every lasting marriage; Forgive and forget. Then move on. Believe me, you’ll have plenty more in the future without digging up the bones from the past.
A lasting marriage has no diary to record past rifts, they do move on with their lives and relish the happy moments of their union.

7- Fun

Marriage is meant to be fun. Yet, many act like they’re waiting on death row. Explore new adventures together. Laugh. Enjoy separate interests. Then celebrate each day you’re together.
Marriage is not a semester break or holiday, it’s life imprisonment of love and affection. Brand it new and clothe it better by nurturing your spouse with much fun and pamper your partner with a lot of love. And at the end of the day, when you go to bed, hold hands and whisper a thought of thanksgiving for your marriage. Oh, and maybe enjoy a little sex.

Hold these seven secrets tightly and curtail your marital life across those seven. At the end of the day, your marriage will last longer than the hills.

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