Six must-do actions that Yearn for President Biden’s Attention

Americans could not wait for President Donald Trump’s reign to end. Alongside a cross-section of the legislature, everyone wanted a fresh start, a new American president. Is president Biden the answer?

President Biden enters the fray with promise and pomp.

It is unequivocal that President Biden has a lot of holes to dig and leverage to level. He inherits a government disjointed from the legislature, against the press, and unable to unite America during imbroglio.

To this end, criticisms and unbalanced critiques have been reported after just a year in office. One will wonder whether these are manifestations of politically-induced citizens or those who thought President Biden would turn America into heaven in just a day.

President Joe Biden needs to beef up the following key areas to cement his position as the change America needs;

Swifter response to the Pandemic

President Biden needs a new strategy to combat the Pandemic and its complications. 62% of health practitioners have explained that the counter-COVID mission needs to shift from all-round vaccination adequately put in place by the presidency to a more robust one.

As stated by health officials, one can contract the Delta and Omicron virus variants regardless of the number of times vaccinated. Therefore, the presidency must get its acts together and reshape its strategy.  

The most devastating effect of the Trump era was poor handling of the virus outbreak. The Biden camp needs to watch it.  

Racial Fairness

President Trump ensured that he rewrote America’s history regarding racial fairness. President needs to erase the ignominy.

It is a widely held view that America gives an equal chance to everyone regardless of colour or race, which was not consistent with the latter years of the last administration. One year on the wheel of governance of President Biden and after, Americans demand an end to systemic racism and rule devoid of all forms of structural inequities.

Racism can unsettle an opinion-driven federation like the U.S. if not strategically rejigged. After a year in office, the presidency’s agenda should remain centred around equity for all and portray racial justice across Federal agencies, policies, and programs.

Cleansing America Global Image

Kudos to Mr Trump for posturing America on a relatively unsavoury pedestal. The first task for President Biden is to put the United States of America where it truly belongs.

 The democratic alliance of the U.S. among the other countries of the world was almost comatose. Though the steam has simmered a bit, Americans demand more from the president, who appealed to citizens as the solution.

The president needs to improve the U.S. national security workforce, uphold christened America’s values and human rights, and become the mouthpiece of the American middle class in the global economy.

Reposition the Economy  

The truth is that the economy is never perfect. There is always room for strategic improvement. To make matters less appealing, the Pandemic has thrown heavy punches on the economy of the U.S.

Many are still suffering from the adverse effects of the Pandemic; the presidency needs to redouble its efforts to rub succour on the scars of the ordinary American people.

Alongside other interventions, President Biden’s government should implement the American Rescue Plan and all their projects without favour. A truckload of jobs still needed to be provided, while small businesses required support.  

Revive the Immigration

The rehearsal to the intrigues that would mark Mr Trump’s administration was strict immigration policies. 

Glad to hear that some of those sentimental measures have been reversed.  

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The last year has given us a point that President Biden built his strategy around making America safer, stronger, and more prosperous cornered around an inclusive immigration system, but the status quo should be maintained.

Expand the access to quality health

It is a self-restrained decision to put healthcare at the nadir of the bunch.

The health sector in the U.S. faced daunting hazards owing to the Pandemic. It is expected that President Joe Biden will expand Americans’ access to quality and affordable health care more than he has done in the last 12 months.  

This is because health is wealth anytime, any day. 

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