SON OF A BITCH COMMENT: Are Biden and Trump Birds of a Feather?

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On 2/05/2020, reported that President Donald Trump allegedly dubbed the then senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer a “nasty son of a bitch” it looks like the people’s choice, President Joe Biden, is trekking the same path.

 The report further explained that he called former Vice President and present President Joe Biden “dumb” in a secret meeting in the company of journalists ahead of a State of the Union address.

President Donald Trump went away with his weirdness but, in reality, would not go away with the consequence of it. It cost him the most prestigious seat in the world and made his ills remain protracted in the mind of all and sundry.


The nexus to power drunkenness

A real journalist in a sane community/

A year after Mr Trump had been put to the cleaners, Americans ray of hope is caught in the same act as that of his unpopular predecessor. President Joe Biden referred to a member of the fourth estate of the realm as a stupid son of a bitch on Monday 24th January 2022.

As expected in the call of duty, Fox’s Peter Doocy quizzed Mr President on the political impact of high inflation. The President thought his microphone was off and blurted out to the pressman uttering the unethical phrase. It is essential to state that President Joe Biden apologised afterwards when he noticed his guess was wrong.  

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Shocking Discovery

A Focused Group Discussion (FGD) launched on this development today among 129 L.A. residents showed that 59% of the discussants only cared to hear that Biden spilt a lousy word. 32% of the people disapproved of the action, and they voted for Biden because of his humility. They were left disappointed. Just 9% of the respondents opined that the President was wrong. Still, his ability to right his wrongs swiftly makes him the chosen leader.


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Realistically, how President Biden’s one-off inaction travelled far and wide in a matter of moments surprised observers, it is, therefore, negotiable that the President said what ought not to be said; the reactions of politically motivated Americans have been turgid.  

In truth, this is unnecessary and should not distract the polity. The President reached out to the journalist. Within about an hour of saying it, he called Doocy to apologise.

Give the following scenarios a read, and you will know that President Joe Biden a step ahead of not only his predecessor, Trump, and other politicians worldwide. The generality of Americans should allow this slide.


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It didn’t start today

On 15th August 2020, a former Nigerian aviation minister Femi Fani-Kayode was caught on tape harassing a Daily Trust .correspondent Charles Eyo. The latter had asked about funding for his tour across Nigeria. Though he apologised, it was not as immediate as that of Biden.

Are Biden and Trump birds of a feather? President Trump constantly berated journalists and never for once apologised. He deflated NBC reporter Peter Alexander in March 2020 without remorse.

In just one term in office, former President Donald Trump whitewashed CNN’s Jim Acosta in late 2018, saying he was not qualified to work for the news outlet. Mr Trump did not stop till he branded PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor a racist in the same press conference. 

Biden Versus Trump

It is no gainsaying, however, that there is a stark difference between President Trump and President Biden. The former saw the media as the enemy of the people and would not stop making it public, while the latter has manned the White House with decorum and politeness since becoming the 46th president a year ago but had one bad day in the office and apologized afterwards.

Once beaten twice shy, they say, it was indefensible for President Biden to spill off the way he did. Still, it is commendable that he righted his wrong as promptly as possible. To make all well and good, such should not repeat itself from Mr President.

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