The African Time Syndrome

Don’t you know African time? It is a syndrome killing Africa, and everywhere it is practiced that we need to fight and defeat. Developing an overly relaxed attitude to time is prevalent in some parts of Africa and the Caribbean.

The African time syndrome has been adopted as a cultural belief or a grand norm that even the most disciplined men have made a lifestyle. It all started from ceremonies punctuality and later transpired to every sector of our life, ranging from work to our worship place, parliamentary sitting, public hearing. It is now almost generally acceptable.

African Time Syndrome

Senator Olusola Adeyeye, a representative of Osun Central constituency of Osun State, expressed his displeasure over the usual uncharacteristic delay of plenaries of the 9th Nigerian senate, which carefully describes how rampant it is in these climes.

What we spot on a notice board should bother anyone who understands the importance of time in a business enterprise. ” All workers must resume work before 8 am. No workers will be forgiven after exceeding the stipulated African Time. N.B African Time extension is 9 am”.

An attempt to overlook the dangers that this nonchalant attitude has infiltrated on us will always be futile because it is even becoming racist. Some Westerners have begun to attribute this attitude towards time to a particular race. They call it black people’s time.

black people's time

Even in sports and recreation, which are perceived to be the glucose to people’s lives, It was so funny that in the Nigerian Professional Football League, a match was fixed for 4 pm. Without any hindrance, the match started at 4:30 pm. As if that was not enough, the game started without the commentator apologizing for their misdeed. Do you think that can happen in the English Premier League, Spanish Laliga, or the Serie A? African time.

It has even mixed with the personality of the trusted heads we have, a church service which was to start by 5 pm and at 5:20 pm it was refreshing that there’s no signal that the “meeting with the heavenly father” would be starting anytime soon—African time.

No doubt about the fact that this careless behavior has destroyed many lives and has rendered many hopeless, but what else can be said when some unprofessional event organizers who are supposed to be known for accurate timing always succumb to this disease by saying, “Let’s add African Time to our allotted time.”

Do not buy the idea that everybody is guilty of this sin, though. We gathered for a presidential media chat but started 5 minutes behind schedule a couple of months ago. We can improve and be better. Let the change begin with us.

If you are to attend an event by 9 am, endeavor to go there 30 minutes before time, and if after 5 minutes the program has not started, leave there immediately, Be principled and accurate.

Trying to be specific when it comes to timing is not too much. It is mainly a norm, so, watch yourself today. No more African Time Let it be Specified time.

Time is money

“Time is money”. This is an aphorism we must all try to comprehend.

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