The Crabology in politics

Nigeria politics crabology

Crabs are fascinating creatures, but connecting them to politics will give birth to some fall-about. The crabs you know can live a balanced solitary life, but putting two or more crabs in a shallow basin, you don’t need any admonitory attention because none of the crabs will escape.

The individual charisma of a multitude of potential politicians is unquestionable. All over the world, we do understand that people occupy the political space with the best wits; intellects, compassion, trust, and what have you. People who have made indelible marks in their discipline are those who participate in politics. But why the sudden u-turn the moment they get engaged in politics?

Leave crabs in open basins for weeks; none will escape. Political officeholders and politicians who were of impeccable character before the baptism will begin to change ways. Psychologists have proved to us that this is so because the most next thing for every individual, whether black, white, schooled, unschooled, civilized, or local, is change. And so, when these people come together in a group, their approach to tackling and seeing issues changes.

Whenever any crab tries to crawl out, the other crabs will instinctively pull it down. Often when our elected leaders, presidents, governors, ministers, lawmakers, or any chieftain decides to heed to their earlier-made political promises, the rest do the best they can to block them.

Influential, respectable and popular individuals such as Robert Mugabe, Muhammadu Buhari, Barak Obama, Adams Oshiomole, Andre Arshavin, Shwazeneger Arnold, and even the highly placed George Weah who before they join politics were a friend to the people more often than not find their popularity flattened after the course of their tenure in political office.

Crabs would rather die than to see one crab escape. This is also synonymous with pulling down syndrome embedded in politics. For all its worth, we’ve seen politicians who pay people to blackmail their competitors, parties picking scores from each other, and slanderous comments and images painted by one party on the other.

Politics is a dirty game. You hear ‘If I am not free, neither would you’ and contestants of legislative seats employing every means to bring down their opponents. Political office holders turn themselves to crabs devising the dark side of the Machiavellian philosophyany means capable of preserving and getting to the state is justifiable and therefore legitimate” to quench their political hunger.

For any nation feudal or democratic, homogenous or heterogeneous to achieve its predetermined goal and pursue the national interest of its people, the crab mentality must first be consciously erased.

The understanding that the candle they light can never reduce their brightness should be communicated to them the best way they would understand. The competition for political office should be a perfect one, and after the winner emerges at every quarter, harmonious and collective leadership should take the forefront.

 Perhaps, this is why global politics and politicians are experiencing the challenges facing them today. Unlike crabs, our politicians and political actors need to begin to understand that we, the citizens, will benefit from them the most if they work in concert.

They need to start celebrating their contemporaries, fellow actors, and leaders victories because their victories will only hasten their victory. Governance cannot be smooth without criticisms; they should criticize constructively if need be.

We do believe that we’ve succeeded in passing a strong message to you. Don’t be a crab,

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