The Most Entertaining

Scientists have revealed that sitting by the TV set watching football is equivalent to a moderate cardiovascular workout like a 90-minute brisk walk and can help lower blood pressure, especially after a team wins or boosts psychological mood. Similarly, Music can comfort one’s spirit, bring esteemed pleasure, or make one calm and relaxed. All thanks to politics, the avalanche of enthusiasm ranging from the hot climate of cynicism, sentimental discussion of controversial topics, and combative media attention regarding government would have been disengaged.

No doubt that the triplets of football, Music, and politics allow us to feel nearly or possibly all emotions that we experience in our lives. One of these three has found a way to form an essential part of every life and has constructed a house-like appetite that we must always fill.

Some religions oppose the side attractions and addenda that come along with these pleasurable triplets. Musical instruments and crazy dance steps, betting and forecasting that have entered football, and the unhealthy rivalry that flows with politics are forbidden in our everlasting, established doctrines.

But truth be told, can there be any other thing that could generate more talking point like that of Cristiano Rinaldo VS Lionel Messi. The claim for superiority between the English Premier League and Spanish Laliga. The Burna Boy VS Davido rift, the lives and times of Chris Brown and Lil Wayne, the power play between the Republicans and the Democrats, or the APC and PDP”s scramble for power in the political space of Nigeria? The answer is No, maybe in the next life.

However, which is the most interesting, and how do we arrive at the thesis?

It is no more a piece of news that 8(eight) out of every 10(ten) living humans are diehard fans of football, Music, or politics. Our surveys even showed that some people have conflicts of choice as they neither know the one they can drop for the other nor the best way to arrange them according to their importance.

One fact is clear; none of the three is devoid of excitement. Discoveries even show that they don’t only entertain but educate and inspire their followers.


Aside from the entertaining side of the coin, they all command crowd. Football is a team sport and is bizarre without the fans. Every music artist’s joy is for many people to vibe to their new track or come out in mass to cheer them up during the live performance, not forgetting that the keynote of politics is the management of complex human beings.

The three also provide some paparazzi and razzmatazz with a significant premium on hearsays, competition, and individuality, making them more exciting to look out for than any other engagement.

Be that as it may, the argument of which is the most entertaining goes on and on. Football is unpredictable, which wouldn’t want to miss every bit of the El Clasico. No one will put his or her ears away from a song with germane and clean lyrics like that of Adelle or Justin Bieber just the way you won’t want to miss every bit of the intrigues that would play out in the political arena. It’s a matter of choice.

Human beings are complicated, and the complexity has been nurtured by nature with the availability of these three engagements, which never bring a dull moment. You are free to be attracted to any of them that appeal to you.

Another thing is that one’s present state of mind always determines which would win one’s interest. When you want to see action that will light you up, it is football. Music is better when one is heartbroken, and you can acclimatize yourself with politics if you feel the need for belongingness or social awareness.

To put a halt to the long story, the choice of engagement has developed to the point that it has nothing to do with gender, age, race, color, religion, or physicality. It is worthy of underscoring that you cannot force your interest on anyone because none of these three engagements; football, Music, or politics are the architects of boredom. They are all products of esteemed entertainment, and one will be in an excitement dreamland being a fan of any of the three.

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