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The Palliatives to Procrastination

The Palliatives to Procrastination 

There’s a bizarre enemy of ours that derives pleasure in holding us up even when all odds are in our favor. This pandemic of an enemy is in line to distract the writer from exploring this topic a bit more and you the prospective readers from reading this piece and sending the disease to extinction completely. It is procrastination. Yes, your second thought has begun to hint you on the bucketful of havocs procrastination that has caused your personal development.

  It is not only wealth that has portrayed its emblem has been unevenly distributed, but time on its own is also distributed unevenly among us. Be that as it may, nature gives all of us 24 hours to navigate every day but some people have time to work, enjoy leisure activities and spend quality time with their friends and family, while some others seem to be impoverished with no time for anything.

  There’s is a dire need to tackle procrastination. It is another global pandemic that endangers every soul; age, race, color, religion, or gender regardless. Procrastination will not only put you off or delay you from taking progressive action but will also hinge your success story to wait until later even if it would later come. This is how to go about it. You have the medicine to cure procrastination staring at you:


begin now

  The disease of completion of a task is postponement. That methodical workload ahead of you, begin Now – if you say later, it may never happen.

  It shouldn’t be a piece of news to you any more than you can neither have yesterday nor tomorrow. All you have is present which is today; you are still afforded the precious opportunity to make a difference. All you need to do is to begin now so that your tasks do not get put off for tomorrow which means it will never happen. And if peradventure it doesn’t happen, you should know you unilaterally killed the dream which I’m sure you don’t want to.

Get a planner 

  Procrastination is evil and it has an armored weapon which is the failure to plan. To exterminate it, buy a planner, organizer, or anything that will serve as a written plan and will consequently stare back at you when your tasks are incomplete. You will be triggered to avoid the stare the following day.

  Alternatively, try notetaking. Don’t forget to write down the tasks you plan to complete in a day and when you fail to complete the tasks, the written words start staring back at you. This is a good tool to poison procrastination. Whereas, your thoughts or ideas can get lost during the day. Make sure you fill your planner and keep referring to it throughout the day. Keep it with you all the time.

Prepare a list 

  Beloved, it’s clear and impressive that you have a truckload of tasks on your radar but the best way to go about it is to make a list. Try to articulate or write down your goals, pending work, important tasks at hand, and objectives according to their relative importance in your best interest.

  This piece isn’t contrasting the earlier point of getting an organizer. But this is the steering to an imminent future. Refer to this list so that you can plan your day dedicating a certain amount of time to achieve your long-term goals as well.

Do away with irrelevant activities

 This life has been supplanted by numerous irrelevant activities and worthless things. As you’ve pledged that you wanted to be free from procrastination, you have to put off things that are not important or do not require your immediate attention.

  There has always been a kleptomaniac of every being’s precious time. Find out who the thief of your time throughout the day is. From previous surveys, we’ve found out that It could be mindless surfing on social media, cat or porn videos on YouTube, some more dangerous videos which can disturb your mind as well, chatting with friends, lazing around, Idiot box or any other thing that does not take you anywhere near where you want to be in your life. Procrastination will endear you to all this stuff but doing this will help you keep away from them so that you can concentrate on important things that need your attention.


  Every man is the architect of his own destiny. You are the only one who knows and can motivate yourself. You have to motivate yourself to get going. Keep thinking about the results and success.  

Set priorities

  In getting tasks done, you need to face trade-offs. This is because a number of tasks could need immediate attention whereas others can wait until later. Create a hierarchy model to work on a priority basis. That is, you will have to forgo one task for the other; some tasks need completion immediately while you need to give others some breathing time. Prioritize your tasks to form a hierarchy model for completing them.

  Although, it’s not only time that is to be considered but also the impact of the incomplete task on your life.

Get prepared 

  It is easy but messy to give excuses for not completing your tasks after pushing yourself to start. Get everything ready before you begin.

 Keep everything you may need at hand in terms of logistics before you begin. Be it information, working materials, papers, pens, your charged-up laptop, or mobile phone, let it be there for your easy access when needed. Once you start, do not stop until you reach the finish line.

It would help if you make yourself your own boss

  Can you picture how your bosses breath down your neck to complete official duties as fast as possible at work? This is the same strategy you will adopt in carrying out the task at hand, it will surely get done in due time.

 Now, you have no one watching over you, you need to be your own boss and start breathing down your own neck to get it complete before the deadline(as stipulated by your list).

  At the same time, you can use this as a practice session for the time when you will really be a boss to others to get the task done. You need to criticize, appreciate, and reward yourself for making that extra effort that got the work done.

One task at a time 

  The last time I decided to alight from a bus with my two legs, I fell awkwardly. That means I have to do it one leg after the other. Procrastination is like an elephant that when you want to defeat, you will approach your task one bite at a time. You shouldn’t bundle tasks; do tasks the same way you eat an elephant.

We often procrastinate over tasks that look too big to handle all at once. The enormity can make you shy away from trying it at first sight. Breaking the bigger task into smaller chunks will not only open your heart to attempting the task but also encourage you to start.

Free yourself 

  Procrastination doesn’t stop after task completion, once you finish the task, you have your freedom. Do not enslave yourself. Free your body, soul, and spirit.

  Do not fill your tomorrow with so many things to the point of not resting at all. If possible stay ahead of your schedule so that you can enjoy some free time tomorrow. You will be free of worry, guilt, fear, or nagging. Stop procrastinating to enjoy real freedom in your life and let this belief inspire you to work harder today.

Know your personality type 

  To effectively exterminate procrastination completely, practice self-awareness. knowing your personality type will help you deal with procrastination and will buy you some self-esteem.

  Zillion people never realize how important self-awareness is to their success in life. When it comes to procrastination, you should be aware of your personality type to make plans. You have to devise your best working hours; If you are the type who works best in the morning, keep the early hours for the tough task. If you are a night owl, finish easier jobs during the day so that you can concentrate on important things before you lie low.

More importantly, self-awareness holds reality to your face like a mirror so that you will know where and how you stand, where you want to be, what you should do to get there and many other aspects of your life. When the truth glares at you, it is uneasy to continue procrastinating but start work in earnest.

Be focused

This life is centered and concentrated on entities and their distractions. You have to know how to deal with distractions.

  You have to tackle distractions strongly so as to complete the task at hand. If you can’t do without your smartphone, Try apps that will rescue you from getting distracted from your work. This is the best way to use your best companion, your smartphone.

Kill all forms of negative thoughts

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  Your thinking faculty won’t go on recess before, during, or after performing a task but all you need to do is to embrace the positive thoughts and block negative chatters. Negative mind chatters and thoughts will surely be injurious and dangerous to your performance.

  The fear of failure, imperfection, or overwhelming things can start off negative mind chatter which can stop you from taking the first step. This is easier said than done because most of the time we are not even aware that our mind is chattering negative things that are holding us back. To be honest, this is the toughest thing you have to do. change all your negative thoughts to positive ones and rephrase all your negative notions and sentences to positive motivators. You will be surprised how simple words like ‘have to’ can contribute to procrastination. When you say ‘I have to’, your mind registers that you are being forced. ‘I shall’, or ‘I may’ will make you feel that it’s not obligatory you achieve that set goals.

Avoid daydreaming 


  Daydreaming is the accomplice of procrastination which it sends to take you away from reality. Whereas, everyone would have been on the Forbes list if wishes are horses.

  Daydreaming creates a comfort zone of fantasy land where you have everything. But there is no way you can stay in a fool’s paradise forever. Since reality will come knocking at your door sooner or later, you need to do away with daydreaming if you truly wish to bath clean from procrastination.

  Daydreaming will surely steal away a lot of your time. But many people use daydreaming constructively like meditation to realize their wants and needs but it’s never advisable.

You are your own mason, so treat yourself well

  You can’t be right every time. Even God himself doesn’t do everything. At least, God doesn’t make mistakes so treat yourself good. Occasions may arise that you will have to forgive or reward yourself.

  Do you ever realize the joy of appreciating, loving, and forgiving yourself? We all seek love and app appreciation from the outside world but it shouldn’t be that alone but also from within us as well. If you really respect your individuality, you won’t be much bothered about what others think or say about you. Treat yourself with respect to love and care. Forgive your past procrastinating behavior because men are just a minute away from a mistake and reward any change you see within yourself. Unless you move past crying over spilled milk, there are no smiles for you in your future as well.

Be your own evaluator 

  You are the only one that can place a value judgment on yourself so be your own critic. evaluate yourself and your performance without being biased.

  Loving yourself does not mean that you take a biased stand or defend your shortcomings. It’s pertinent you become your own critic as well without being prejudiced. Don’t forget that it’s only when you become aware of the shortcomings that you can find a remedy for it. Diagnose that ailment prompting you to procrastinate important work? Friends? Online gaming? Internet surfing? or any other side_attraction. Anyways, you will be able to use this lasting palliative only if you do not try to defend yourself by justifying the action that is causing you to procrastinate important tasks at hand.

  In a no better land where saltwater is used to water vegetables, traditional beliefs bury germinating seeds in the brain of men. If you still have anyone thinking these rich palliatives cannot alleviate procrastination, the comment box is open. We’ll be glad to receive all your opinions.

Feed us back on how this post has helped you.

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  1. Audrey

    Well thanks for this long article. I’m still in a negative phase. I don’t feel excited about school and homeworks. School and homeworks, expecially during this lock down feels more and more like jail to me.
    No pleasure in it. Just stress. And more stress. And more homework. And sadness. That’s why I’m procrastinating actually. To avoid stress and this nightmare of school system. What you said look like the truth. But it really does look like another long homework to do….
    I will think about it. And try to do my homework more often

    1. yusful

      Hi friend, thank God you said it sounds like the truth. Read, read and digest it, try work with those strategies and procrastination will be a thing of the past.

      Thanks for reaching out to us

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