What The Electorate Wants

From time immemorial, phrases like ‘the government has failed us again,’ ‘casting my vote won’t be justifiable in the long run,’ ‘no one deserves my vote’ is always on the lips of the majority of the electorate. The electorate does have a stout disinclination for voting, the electoral system, and governmental processes.

For everyone who cares to listen, it is no more a piece of news that the electorate losing confidence in the leaders is a conundrum devouring every corner of this world, be it Oceania, Africa, America, or Arabia.

President Donald Trump was in a way thrown into the deepest sea of shock, having failed in his reelection bid, meaning that some Americans believed that Mr. Trump did lesser than expected and so did not deserve a second term in office.

After a scholastic and all-encompassing survey, the government must provide the following to win the electorates’ trust.

These well-deserved necessities cut across poverty eradication, economic security, and the expansion of opportunities for the middle class. They include:

Reform the Criminal Justice System

Criminal Justice System

Any government incarcerating its electorate is bound to fail. You cannot keep innocent people behind bars in state and federal prisons, and you’ll expect the masses to believe in your leadership since the general maxim “the law is meant for the poor” is still very much alive.

The service delivery of law and order maintenance should be polished to eradicate harassment, brutality, and maltreatment by the security agencies. If this is done, people will trust the government.

The #EndSARS protest in Nigeria is not a case study that will become obsolete so quickly. It was a perfect reminder of how inaccurate the policing system of The Giant of Africa is. 

Our government should learn to understand that our law courts’ delay of judgment is a pointer to despair. It is now a perpetual habit to reprimand people in prison. You cannot expect families who believe their relatives are innocent but have been kept in prison for a considerably long period to have a good feel of your tenure of office.

Support Equity

Support Equity

An average woman will always complain, nag, or feel neglected at the slightest inaction. The government should do its best to avoid irregularity to forestall women’s outcry.

Having discussed that equality is far-fetched, our leaders should always give equity a try by carrying every electorate along during governance.

Raise Minimum Wage

Raise Minimum Wage

During the late 1960s in the U.S., a full-time worker earning the minimum wage could lift a family of three out of poverty. If the minimum wage were indexed to inflation, it would be $10.86 per hour today.

The government needs to widen the electorate’s purse to get their trust. No worker would forget the administration that increased their minimum wage.

The government and its policymakers across the political spectrum have to dance to the gallery by showing a bit of humanitarian care to those who voted them in, no matter how small.

The government should not cease to innovate ways to create jobs so that its people will feed since an idle hand is the devil’s workshop.

Invest in Child Care and Early Education

Invest in Child Care and Early Education

The middle class forms 65% of the population of any country in the world today, and the jackpot suitable for reaching out to them is an affordable, high-quality child care service.

 Have you ever thought of this, that one year of child care for an infant costs more than one year of tuition at most four-year public universities?

 On average, child care cost one-third of most electorate incomes. If a Muhamadu Buhari led administration in Nigeria could declare a free health care system, the dying trust in the sane man’s leadership would be reinvigorated.

meptweet.com focussed more on the human capacity aspect than the household infrastructure. We believe that most voters in today’s world are more impulsive to what they benefit singly than what is provided for the collective population.

Your views would be appreciated as we anticipate your feedback in the comment section.

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