When Will Nigerian Messiah Arrive

The walkthrough for the dirty game of politics is yet to be made, so everyone plays politics in their best ways. Good governance, on the other hand, has a customary assessment level that could be used to critique political administrations and administrators. It is an utterly disheartening point to note that developing countries which Nigeria is so unfortunate to be among remains in this pathetic bracket because the best of them haven’t emerged yet, yet to be seen and if this Messiah will even show up.


The outcry for independence, coupled with the intersect of successive leadership in Nigeria, had bathed us with the wrath of different leadership styles. Obafemi Awolowo withdrew the mantle of becoming the first head of state for the two frontlines under the parliamentary system which we inherited from Britain, Agunyi Ironsi and his mercenaries introduced us to the unitary system which allowed for the concentration of power in the hand of the central government. This didn’t only halt innocent Nigerians from enjoying good governance but also allow for other tyrannical military rules. The 1979 civilian government has till today been seen as the most corrupt administration ever. That means we’ve witnessed the three feasible forms of government with zilch and wacky results.

Corruption, mismanagement, misplaced priority, and other administrative hiccups have been the accident Nigeria has always sustained. Our hope for a government that will hone our living standard condenses every passing year.

We thought the stability of civilian rule would alleviate these woes, but this hasn’t been the case. Government at all levels and arms since 1999 that we parted with military regimes have always blamed a particular system. Then who is the system? 

Then who is the system

President Olusegun Obasanjo was a military head of state but swerves personality and became the executive president for another eight years. With due respect to him and the successor he anointed, the masses were still suffering. Even good luck didn’t show face when Goodluck Jonathan was at the helm; his educated cabinet siphoned frightening millions of dollars meant for hopeless Nigerians to their private pockets.

Then, the urge for change stylishly sneaked in. The power-play of integrity and personality had been overwhelming us since 2015. Maybe, the messiah that will save us from this weak governance will command more than paperwork personality. 

2015 election

The Buhari led administration has never ceased in telling us that it is in the astute fight against corruption. But what are hearing from their quarters looks more unbelievable. The CBN getting burnt, NBET over-invoicing allegations, NFF scandals, school feeding programs, or the promised restructuring. 

A country with almost 580 ministries, department and agencies, over 56,000 abandon projects with an extrapolated figure of over 12 trillion nairas according to the project management association, and not to enunciate the escalating deadly insurgency, just to mention a few.

Kudos to Nigeria and Nigerians. A fertile land devoid of any life-consuming natural disaster, arable for productive farming, suitable for animal husbandry, explorable for trade-medical discovery, and full of numerous natural resources that are yet to be discovered. Nigeria is also blessed with determined, resilient, and self-reliant individuals. People who don’t need basic needs from the government before they lead their daily lives. Thought they said one plus one should be two, these enviable and resourceful parameters haven’t been able to put Nigeria where she belongs owing solely to the fact that the messiah that will harness all these resources together and make Nigerians enjoy hasn’t arrived. We are not even sure whether the messiah is born yet.

Some critics have argued that we paused and remained in this dilapidated state because we keep recycling the same corrupt men. Well said, 70% of stakeholders in the corridor of power in this country at all levels have been there for twenty years or more of active service. Party and electoral system, cost of democracy as well as the heterogeneous population will block our messiah to show up soon. So we need to restructure the country and give youths a chance.

power to the youth

With due respect to all the advocates, the seat of power in the leading democratic society in the world, USA, was competed for by two people above sixty years. Moreover, psychoanalysts have also made us know that the spec of youths we have in Nigeria is different from other climes. In a way, we’ve seen indications that even our teenagers are still unripe to head any significant public office. This is debatable, though.

This is the undecided or retching state we currently find ourselves. Nigeria is our country; even if we want to flee the country, it will take us years to graduate from strangers to citizens of that X country. This post has successfully made us know if we’ve never been told that the supposed giant of Africa, Nigeria, is in danger of visionary leadership inadequacy. And when you see the virus eating you up, the vaccine to cure it won’t be far-gotten.

Good governance

We at meptweet do believe that a leader will someday be elected or given to us and a responsible, responsive government shall be upon his shoulder. His name and good works shall be called Wonderful, shall be our counselor, the mighty leader, the everlastingly pious chief executive and the prince of democracy.

Nigeria Messiah

When and how will this be possible? We don’t know. Do you think the messiah is on his way? Tell us about him or her in the comment section.

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