Why Land Should be your First Investment

Hear this naked truth! Land sells more than your present business, but how it works and how to make bucks from it have been overlooked and misunderstood across the world.

To some investors, vacant lands do not produce income and have no intrigue whatsoever in their dealings. Furthermore, 32.027% of investors I engaged last year confessed that they were swamped with the thought that investing in virgin lands is too static and sore to deal in.

Unlike other areas in the real estate sector, most potential investors think that the rich untapped sector – investment in the land- is pointless. This is an utter misconception because today’s world has taught us that virgin lands can produce a wowing goldmine. Better still, it is safe to regard the investment in land as one of the best and most profitable investments on the planet. In contrast, it is versatile and stress-free as opposed to other investments. 

There is no doubt that land is static and could frustrate potential investors. The prospect and stability of owning the right piece of land bought at a suitable price and situated at the right location displace the truckload of difficulties accompanying any other type of real estate business. 

You have not been paying attention to raw lands’ viability and relative importance. This is your last chance to have knowledge of the mammoth benefits of investing in virgin lands. Happy reading!

1- Statistics show that Vacant Lands Sell Faster than Buildings.

Think about this! Imagine the emotional connection attached to a building. My family might love a unique color, a particular structure, at a certain vicinity that is not consistent with your facility in the market. So virgin land brings all of these thoughts to the open. You will sell virgin land faster than a building you have expended a lot. It is safe to say that one is open to various potential buyers when investing in more land than building. 

2- As a Land Investor, You Call Your Own Shot

Real people invest with their real money. Buying vacant land the right way with your own money stops you from humongous bank loans and patronage of heartless mortgage companies once you start small and aim big. 

The reality of business is the ability to stay on the market when all odds try to kick one out of business. This is an opportunity investing in lands seeks to offer you outright. Buy that little your capital can back and front it like a warrior fighting the fifth world war.

Though you need to have a nose for great deals on raw lands, investment in lands does not require colossal start-up capital before you get your business going.

3- Raw Land Is a “Hands-Off” Investment

You have read some piece of mine which said that real estate is problem-free. You indeed misunderstood me. When you own a building or solely specialize in realtor services, you have signed off for a potential bout with problem tenants and clear the floor for clashes over the payment of damages. You will also have to contend with improper toilet use, bugs, mold, burst pipes, broken furnaces, leaking roofs, just to mention a few, so that fear won’t grip would-be realtors.

An investment in vacant land will never come with any of the earlier predicaments. Once you purchase a land, it sits there forever till you sell it at your convenient rate and time. 

4- You make a lot of Money without Doing Anything to the Property

You wouldn’t need to construct or do any renovation whatsoever. Likewise, you do not require any property management expertise to prosper in the virgin land business. You are only required to buy the land and wait for your buyer or allow it to appreciate.

It is ridiculous that many investors do not know the benefits of land sales. Still, their own peril should play to your advantage. Even if your budget could not acquire more than X acres in the wildest town, wait for your time; you will get your sales.  

5- Land Investment will Give You Peace of Mind as an Investor

My conversation with a don in the automobile industry spurned this thought. He constantly develops cold feet if he fails to sell his brand new car within a specified period. This does not happen in land investment.

In the land investment sector, the longer your land stays, the higher the value.

 Investment in land is a trade with valuable assets that neither wear out nor depreciate. You do not have to worry about destruction or theft in virgin land. Once your paperwork is genuine, you are on the safest of sides.

6- No Imperfect Competition

You won’t disagree when I say there is stiffer competition in other businesses or other real estate investments compared to land. You don’t have to burn your thinking before you get going. Even if you don’t have big money to join the big boys and buy lands in the capital city, go to the suburb. If that does not work, the rural area is another alternative. The town will someday turn to the city, and at that time, you will reap the reward of your patience.

Suppose you invest in the other branches of real estate investments. In that case, you might be prized out of the market when your potential seller sees a better offer. The raw land industry gives you a new mindset. Other real estate investors’ minds are fixed on other areas such as houses, apartments, and commercial property. 

7- You can own Land for the Long-Term.

Darling reader, all you need to do is buy suitable land at the right price. This will save the stress of negotiating mortgage payments or utility bills. Also, I don’t remember the last time an acre of land was insured; all these you will have to make provision for when you invest in the building.

Have you thought about parking your cash somewhere, forgetting about it, and waiting till it comes back to meet you? Investing in vacant land is a suitable vehicle for you to board.

8- You are lucky to be hearing this now because many people are still in the dark.   

Honestly speaking, 55% of real estate investors do not have this info at their disposal. They do not see vacant land as explained. Take this opportunity today and begin to invest in the free gift. You will find yourself with a finite asset that many other people want to get their hands on, giving you access to a multiplicity of markets. It makes a lot of sense when you go into a land investment with the zeal to own the right land for the long term. Come back here and say you do not make your profit because you will definitely make some bucks. 

In short, land investment is the most powerful strategy to make it big in the real estate industry. If you actually wanna chill with the big boys, your income needs to come swiftly and with less or no stress. Precisely what the investment in vacant lands looks to offer you. Let me hear from you in the comment section.

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